Tokischa and ROSALÍA join Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss their new collaboration “Linda”. They discuss how they came together for the track, how the song is a mix of Dembow and Flamenco, and ROSALÍA discusses visiting the Dominican Republic to connect with Tokischa.

Tokischa and ROSALÍA Tell Apple Music About Coming Together for “Linda”...

ROSALÍA: Honestly, I was excited to visit Republica Dominicana, and then we're just hanging in the studio, we're talking, and it just happened. It was like something that just happened naturally. Like in four hours, we had the song. Yeah. It felt good like that.

Tokischa: Yeah, it was fast and it was great. The final product was so much fun. Making it and then listening to it was like the party and then the after party. It felt like a dream actually. Sometimes I was just like, "We are really doing this for real?". I was really excited all the time and I felt like the connection we had is like we have known each other for like years.

ROSALÍA: I feel like our experience is inspiring. And this one is very inspiring. This place, Republica Dominicana, is magic and she's magic too. And I feel like Tokischa, I'm so happy and grateful to be part of the song that she wanted to release and I'm very happy.

ROSALÍA Tells Apple Music About Visiting The Dominican Republic…

You know, I was thinking that I feel so grateful that I'm a musician and music connects you with people. Being a musician makes you meet new people and experience things that maybe if I wasn't a musician, I couldn't experience or it wouldn't happen. And then I was so grateful that I was there in the studio with Leo with Toki. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the place, the food, it's a whole culture, you know, always a beautiful culture and I have so much love and respect for it. And then I remember in the studio. It was so natural to be there. And also the people were very warm. I remember in the street, everybody was so loving. People were so warm. It was amazing.

ROSALÍA Tells Apple Music The Song is A Mix of Dembow and Flamenco…

Toki, also I remember in the studio, she has so much drive because we went to the studio and then I said "What would you like to do?" and she said Dembow. Cause she said, "You never did a dembow, so why don't we do a dembow." And then I was excited. And I was like, "Okay, okay. Can we do something in between flamenco and dembow?" So at the end, the result, you can hear the clap, which is very, very flamenco, you know, the claps. And then that was the only flamenco element you can find. But it comes from us wanting to do dembow when I never done it, it's the first time and I'm very happy that you, Toki, pushed me to try something new.