Lorde enjoys confounding people's expectations with her new album Solar Power.

The Royals singer, who released her third studio album earlier this month, is fully aware that the experimental and unexpected record is unlikely to achieve the same commercial success as her debut album Pure Heroine, but she likes that her new body of work has taken people by surprise.

"I would almost value people not understanding it at first," she told The New York Times. "It sort of depresses me when an album comes out and I click through it really fast and I look at the Genius and read all the lyrics in three minutes and I realise I know exactly what it is and it isn't going to grow.

"I think I'm still giving something that's really digestible... but it's my pleasure to confound. I'm down to be that for people."

The New Zealand native felt a renewed sense of freedom to try out different sounds with her collaborator Jack Antonoff and while she's proud of the finished album, she openly acknowledges that there's "definitely not a smash" hit single on Solar Power, with her adding, "It makes sense that there wouldn't be a smash, because I don't even know really what the smashes are now."

And she believes trying to make another Royals - her breakthrough debut single - is "a lost cause".

"Can you imagine? I'm under no illusion (of replicating its success). That was a moonshot," the 24-year-old stated.

Solar Power was released on 20 August.