Corey Taylor has tested positive for Covid-19.

In a video posted to the Astronomicon Facebook page over the weekend, the Slipknot star announced he would not be able to attend the convention in Ann Arbor, Michigan as he was very unwell after contracting the virus.

"I wish I had better news. I woke up today and tested positive, and I'm very, very sick," he stated. "So, I'm not gonna be able to make it this weekend. And I am absolutely devastated. I am so sorry. I hope everyone has a good time, and I promise you I will absolutely try to get back there as soon as I can. I should be O.K. - it's the flu."

Corey went on to share that he had already received the Covid-19 vaccine.

"I'm vaccinated, so I'm not worried," the 47-year-old continued. "But I certainly wouldn't want to spread it to anyone else. So, everybody be safe out there. And thank you so much. And I will see you again, I promise."

Corey has not yet posted any further updates on his condition.