Tom and Josh from Jungle are on Matt Wilkinson’s show on Apple Music 1 discussing their new album Loving in Stereo, which is out now. In the conversation, Jungle talk about being newly independent and releasing albums themselves, as well as their favourite musicians in the UK at the moment.

Jungle on being independent and releasing albums themselves: 'It's super freeing. When you start out, labels are great. You dream of labels your whole life. And you get in there, and they're great at that point when you need the support. But after two records, we've got fans and we've got things in the real world. And I think that we do everything, from the videos to the visuals to the graphics, and the way the website looks and everything. At some point, there's not much space for the label creatively. For us, it's like, well, there's no one to answer to. There's no mum or dad to check if it's good. So you get out of the habit of seeking approval from other people who are not actually making the music. This time, we have to know whether it's good or not. And I think that that's what it came down to. We sat down at the end of November, 2020, and we were like, "Which tunes bang? Which tunes can we stand behind?"

Jungle on their favourite UK musicians: 'Obviously Inflo, a close friend of ours, who we work with quite a bit, he worked a little bit on this record. And on the last record, I mean, he's not up and coming, he's killing it. So he's probably not new enough to fit the criteria of the question. But obviously, you know Flow and everything he does is just top drawer. And he's a huge inspiration. A lot of what we try and do when we're in the studio is try not to listen to too much music, in a way, because we want to keep ourselves almost fresh, rather than channel a specific sound. But I mean, we know there are some amazing artists coming out of London, especially at the moment. You look at Lava La Rue, whos actually killing it. She's got a track called Magpie at the moment, which is just really stunning'.