Zayn Malik has unveiled a mysterious new face tattoo.

After several months away from Instagram, the singer took to his account over the weekend and uploaded a close-up snap of his face and another photo of him fishing on a lake.

The post quickly racked up over six million likes, but Zayn didn't add a caption or share any further details.

However, fans were quick to notice that the star had a new inking on his jawline and set about deciphering exactly what the cursive script says.

"Do more? or démodé? Would Zayn do smth (something) French?" one follower asked, while another noted: "Some people think it's 'De mama.'"

Zayn already has an extensive collection of body art, including a mandala design on his hand, a rose motif on the back of his head, a wing design that extends up the right side of his neck and head, as well as a chequered flag and lotus flower on his left forearm.

He also has the number 25 inked on his neck and a depiction of his girlfriend Gigi Hadid's eyes in the middle of his torso.