Dizzee Rascal wants to continue making music until he's 80.

The 36-year-old rapper believes he has at least 40 years left in his music career and says nothing beats the feeling of releasing a song that everyone loves.

Speaking on the 'JD In The Duffle Bag' podcast, he said: "Nothing beats dropping something that lands and which everyone is feeling. That’s all I ever wanted. I want more riddims. You can always do stuff on the side.

"You’ve got all the big rappers making it seem like everybody’s got to be some sort of mogul. And people try and talk to you like, ‘You can’t just do music. What happens when music ends?’ Music is not going to end. I’m going to do this until I’m 80, bro.

"That’s not the way to be looking at this stuff. Unless I make a grill like George Foreman and it pops off differently, then cool, I’ll make grills. But I’m probably not going to do that.

“I dedicate everything to music. I don’t care about much else.”

Meanwhile, it was previously revealed that Dizzee is set to perform as part of the South Facing Festival this summer.

The rapper is just one of the stars who will appear in a series of open air concerts at the iconic Crystal Palace Bowl in London between August 5 and 31, 2021.

Other names to perform are Supergrass, (August 20), The Streets (August 21) and Max Richter (August 28), whilst Dizzee Rascal & The Outlook Orchestra will perform on August 14.

The English National Opera, performing Tosca, will appear on August 27 and August 29.

South Facing Festival Director, Marcus Weedon, said: "After what’s been an extremely difficult 12 months for the live music industry, we can’t wait to put on a fantastic series of events that people can really get excited about. Not only do we have some amazing artists who are itching to put on a great show, we also have the privilege of being able to stage the festival at an iconic and important outdoor London venue, which has sadly been dormant in recent years. We’re all working incredibly hard to make sure South Facing is a fitting return to glory for the Crystal Palace Bowl!"