Marina has warned fans to "be careful out there" after she tested positive for COVID-19.

The 35-year-old pop star - who previously went by the name Marina and the Diamonds - has warned her fans that even the "mild" symptoms of coronavirus are just as "unpleasant" after she spent the past week feeling really poorly.

Marina, who confirmed she has been double vaccinated, told fans on her Instagram Story: “I got Covid last week, as did five of my friends. We were all double vaccinated.

“Just want to say be careful out there. Breakthrough cases are more common than are being reported. The main job of this vaccine is to prevent serious illness or death – and I’m so glad (and grateful) I have it, otherwise I wouldn’t be feeling okay on day six.

“However, it doesn’t make the ‘mild’ version of Covid any less unpleasant. It sucks! I definitely had a false sense of security indoors and so wanted to give you all a heads up.

“PS get vaxxed as soon as you’re offered it. I would not want to go through an even worse version of the last week!”

The 'Primadonna' singer also insisted: "Don’t assume it’s a cold because you’re vaccinated.

"Don’t bother with rapid/lateral flow tests if it’s in the first five days after exposure. You’ll likely be undetectable and test negative."