Lil Nas X was left crestfallen following his big Saturday Night Live debut in May when a potential partner told the rapper he wasn't interested in dating him.

Shortly after his pants-splitting performance on the iconic sketch show, the Old Town Road singer worked up the courage to ask out a person he had been chatting to online, but he "respectfully knocked that shot out of the air".

The mystery man explained he was flattered but already had a boyfriend.

"I was like, 'Damn, you're that loyal?'" Nas tells the New York Times magazine. "I love it. You forget sometimes that people are, like, really loyal, and it's like, 'I want to do that'.

"No matter what I do or accomplish in this life or whatever, I'm never going to get everything I want. The old Nas would have cried himself to sleep and obsessed over the rejection, but new Nas understands that that's the way it goes sometimes. I was like, 'Hold on, we’re not doing this this time'."