Madonna stunned fans at The Standard Hotel’s Boom Boom Room in New York on Thursday night by performing on the bar.

The pop superstar belted out her tracks Hung Up and I Don’t Search I Find as stars like Lance Bass, Adam Lambert, Zachary Quinto and Jon Batiste looked on from the crowd during the Boom x Pride event.

Wearing a blue wig, red elbow-length gloves and a revealing black leather and lace outfit that left her breasts exposed, Madonna told the thrilled clubbers in footage posted on social media,"To not celebrate pride without people would have been a tragedy for me...Take nothing for granted because you never know what’s waiting for all of us around the corner. Learn to love yourself."

Madonna and Quinto auctioned off Polaroids for two LGBTQ support groups - the Ali Forney Center and the Haus of US - and then each pledged a personal donation of $25,000 (£18,000).