Neil Young has admitted Crazy Horse have shed "more than a few tears" as they got back in the studio.

The 75-year-old singer - who announced the band's upcoming record earlier this month - has given fans an update on the follow-up to 2019's 'Colorado.

In a blog post on his website the Neil Young Archives, he wrote: "Crazy Horse recording is under way. The Horse is back in the barn now, shaking off the rust.

"We have the world's best crew with us for these sessions! Larry Cragg is tending the instruments and amps, while Jeff Pinn maintains amplifiers and the electronics inside them.

"Bob Rice is caring for the pianos and other keyboards. Paul Davies is handling of Ralph's drums.

"It has been a long time since we have been together and more than a few tears have been shed."

Neil also opened up on the location for the sessions, and described the environment as "magic".

He added: "We are so happy to be back in the barn, a barn built to replicate the 1850s barn that had collapse in exactly the same place, high in the mountains of Colorado!

"It's an exact replica of the original, built with Ponderosa pines by Ted Moews and his great crew of artisans. It is magic inside."

He hinted that the "songs and feelings" have been inspired by the pandemic.

He continued: "Mark Humphries is doing our monitors, continuing a near fifty year tradition.

"Mark notes that his is our 'new barn' to replace Plywood Analog on Broken Arrow Ranch, where we did 'Ragged Glory', 'Freedom' and other albums.

"These are new times, with new songs and feelings after what our world has been through and continues to face.

"This music we are making for our souls. It's like fresh water on a desert. Life is going on."