Whitesnake star David Coverdale has confirmed he plans to retire from touring after the band's 2022 world tour.

The 69-year-old spoke about his decision while accepting the inaugural Rocks Honours salute as part of the recent The Rocks 2021 awards ceremony.

He told Planet Rock, "I've been very passionate about what I do. I try not to let my audience down. We've got a really loyal hardcore fanbase around the world.

"Last year, we were supposed to do what was gonna be my farewell tour, and it was sold out; it was amazing. Of course, everything was cancelled due to COVID. So, God willing, I'll be able to do it hopefully next year. I'm gonna show my appreciation and gratitude for the support that I've had, because you can't do it without an audience supporting you."

Coverdale insists his farewell tour won't be a long, prolonged trek: "Mine's gonna be the farewell tour 'cause I'm knocking on 70. Are you kidding? It's hard enough now to get into my jeans."

But he won't be retiring from music, adding, "We've got a relatively long-term deal with Warners. We have a poopload of projects to do under the Whitesnake banner... I play guitar every day. The moment I start playing, I come up with ideas for songs. It's impossible for me not to (play music). It's like my hobby. It's something that I'm supposed to do."

Before the pandemic, Whitesnake were forced to cancel their U.S. tour with Sammy Hagar & The Circle and Night Ranger to allow Coverdale to undergo surgery for a bilateral inguinal hernia. The concerts were eventually scrapped altogether due to the coronavirus lockdown.