Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster recently saved a suicidal individual while working as a Special Constable for City of London police.

The model and photographer qualified for the role earlier this year, after her participation in 2019 TV show Famous and Fighting Crime prompted her to apply to the force.

Opening up about her new job during an appearance on Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, Penny admitted she's taken on a variety of tasks during her time on the beat, including helping those thinking about taking their own lives.

Asked if she's made any arrests yet, Penny replied: "Not yet, I’ve had five duties so far, it’s been interesting. When you think of policing, you think of the most violent crimes but we’re out there to help the most vulnerable and at this particular time there’s a lot of incidents on the bridges and I did help someone who was very desperate on the bridge the other night. It can be rewarding in so many ways.”

Penny also revealed that she's managed to avoid any celebrity spotting while on the beat.

"Nobody’s recognised me. I’m in uniform. I’ve got my stab vest, armour, baton, cuffs, I’m dressed as a regular," she said.