Courteney Cox has recruited Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and Brandi Carlile to perform a hilarious song for Lisa Kudrow.

The actress took to Instagram on Sunday evening to upload a 40-second video showing the four stars sitting at a piano and singing a rendition of Elton's 1972 classic Tiny Dancer.

However, the group switched the lyrics to "Tony Danza" in reference to a comment Lisa's character Phoebe Buffay made in season three of '90s sitcom Friends, where she insists the most romantic song is "the one that Elton John wrote for that guy on Who's the Boss? 'Hold me close, young Tony Danza.'"

"One of the greatest moments of my life. This one's for you @lisakudrow. #phoebe#tonydanza #tinydancer," Courteney captioned the clip, which racked up over two million views within three hours.

And Lisa was quick to respond with her own video, in which she jokingly corrected the lyrics.

"Ed Sheeran, Courteney Cox, Brandi Carlile, Elton John," she smiled. "That was the most thrilling thing ever. It was so good. Technically, though it is: 'Hold me closer, young Tony Danza.' But what you did was great too. And including the original song that you wrote, Sir Elton, was really good."

The fun video follows the release of Friends: The Reunion, in which the original cast reunited for a TV special, last month.