Jennifer Lopez has marked the 22nd anniversary of her debut album, 'On The 6'.

The 'On The Floor' hitmaker took to Instagram to share an old video clip of her talking all about the 1999 record and thanked fans for changing her life.

She captioned the post: "June 1st is always a happy day for me! It was the day I released my debut album On The 6. It changed my life forever… it’s taken me around the world and introduced me to the world of music and all of YOU Thank you for being with me still to this day!!! I love you so much!!!! Let me know below what your favorite song from the album is (sic)"

And it looks like fans won't have to wait much longer before hearing new music from the 51-year-old superstar.

The 'Waiting For Tonight' singer appeared to tease new music is on the way last month.

She captioned a snap of herself in the recording booth: "Sexy summer fun coming."

Jennifer's last single was 2020's 'In The Morning'.

Meanwhile, Jennifer previously insisted she still considers herself to be "just a girl from the Bronx", despite her dazzling career.

The 'Jenny from the Block' hitmaker said: "It's like if you're from Italy. Just because you don't live in Italy any more, you're still Italian. It's the same thing for me, being from the Bronx. Even though I've travelled the world and I live in Los Angeles now, I'm still just a girl from the Bronx ...

"I feel like I have only just got comfortable and am finally confident in who I am and what I do. I really wish I would have found this confidence in my early thirties, but it took me a long time to get there. I'm still a work in progress, by the way. But I do now feel that this is not a mistake, it's not a fluke - this is what I do and I'm good at it."