Harry Styles is reportedly looking to make moves into the beauty world.

According to editors at Page Six, the singer recently submitted documents in the U.K. and is seeking to launch a "wholesale perfume and cosmetics" company named PLEASED.

Harry, 27, and Emma Spring, his longtime executive assistant, are listed as company directors in the paperwork.

The star has not yet commented on the report.

However, many fans were quick to voice their approval after @TheHarryNews posted about the potential venture on Twitter late last week.

"PERFUME AND COSMETICS?? SHUT UP RN (right now). OH MY GOD, I'M SO EXCITED. HARRY MAKEUP LINE??? EVERYONE SCREAM AND SHOUT AND MANIFEST WITH ME OR ELSE," one follower excitedly wrote, while another simply posted: "I need it."

Elsewhere, several of Harry's fans noted that he hasn't released new music since he unveiled his second solo album, Fine Line, in December 2019.

"He's doing everything BUT music," one person wrote, to which a follower replied optimistically, "You don't know that. He may be recording as we speak just as he did for his 2 other albums, no one knew."