Members of BTS are always clashing behind the scenes because of their very different personalities - but always make up in the end.

Singer Jimin admits the bandmates often squabble about the speed at which they do things because some members want to take it slower than others.

"We all have different personalities, personalities that clash," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "I, for example, may consider myself to be a little bit slower, more contemplative or more introverted. And then there are other members who want do things much faster. They're much more active and outgoing.

"And then there are other guys who are even more introverted and even slower than I am. So, of course, these personalities continue to clash."

But Jimin insists the Dynamite hitmakers have learned to accept their differences: "I think we've all come to develop an understanding that it is OK to have these differences, that some people are going to be slow, and some people are going to be fast," he added. "Sometimes we have to wait. Sometimes we have to ask more questions. I think all of us sort of developed an understanding of each other."