Corey Taylor knew he wanted to join Slipknot after watching them "scare the hell out" of everybody.

The 47-year-old rocker was watching the band perform at a gig and he was "drawn in" by it completely, so much so that he dreamed of getting a coveted slot in the group.

Speaking on the Wild Ride podcast, he said: "When I watched that first show, I was right in front, they came through the audience, scared the hell out of it, everybody. Because they’re in full masks, they weren’t wearing the coveralls yet, but they were just in these crazy outfits. And they opened with – I want to say it was like three minutes of just noise and blast beats. It was like being in a f****** Melvins concert! I can’t believe it, it was so gnarly. And for some reason, I was so attracted to it and drawn in by it. I just was like, 'I'm gonna be the singer in this band someday.' And I’ve never had that thought in a million years for anybody else. And a year later, they asked me. It’s crazy."

Meanwhile, Shawn 'Clown' Crahan recently revealed Slipknot are working on new music.

He said: "We're taking this time to write some new music. So for the last week, we've been just having a good time, eating a lot of food and writing God music. So we're having a good time.

"Since everybody's taken a lot of time off [during the coronavirus pandemic], we thought we'd utilise it by getting together and do what we probably do best: which is write music.

"So it's been good, because there's no pressure. It's not like we have to. We're doing it 'cause we want to. And it's just been a blessing, because boredom can set in. And I know all of us in the world are going crazy, so we're really lucky to be able to be together and do what we love most."