Griff was sent flowers by Taylor Swift ahead of the BRIT Awards.

The Rising Star award-winner has revealed the sweet gesture she received from the Global Icon recipient before their appearances at the music ceremony.

Speaking on the red carpet at The O2 arena on Tuesday night (11.05.21), Griff - whose real name is Sarah Griffiths - revealed: “In my hotel room, some flowers arrived and the note said something along the lines of, ‘Good luck with your performance, hope I get to say hi. Love from your friend Taylor’.

“And I’m thinking, ‘I don’t think I know any other Taylor…’”

The 'Black Hole' singer - who performed the hit at the show - quipped that it would be “really awkward if it’s not her and I have told everyone that Taylor sent me flowers."

The 20-year-old pop star also said she would love to collaborate with the 'Blank Space' hitmaker and joked that she would happily hang up her microphone if she got to meet the US megastar.

She told NME: “If I could say ‘Hi’ to Taylor Swift, I’ll be happy. I’ll retire."

During her acceptance speech, Taylor hailed Griff and all of the "incredible new artists”.

The 31-year-old superstar advised them: "I need you to hear me when I say that there is no career path that comes free of negativity.

“If you’re being met with resistance, that probably means that you’re doing something new. If you’re experiencing turbulence or pressure, that probably means you’re rising.

“And there might be times when you put your whole heart and soul into something, and it is met with cynicism or skepticism. You cannot let that crush you; you have to let it fuel you.”