Bad Bunny would rather wait for the "muse" to come than force himself to write songs.

The singer-songwriter opens up on his writing process in an interview with W Magazine‘s Music issue, admitting the "mechanical process" - when he sits down with the intention of writing a hit - is "the one that I like the least".

"Then there is the real process, the one with the muse, with the creativity, that comes on suddenly, when you weren’t expecting it," explains the Dakiti star.

"Your subconscious is talking to you about what you are feeling without you knowing, and it comes out, a lot of times, when I’m alone at night. I write sad songs at night. Happy songs I write during the day, after working out, after a fun day.

"So I can adapt a lot when it’s time to write, but that’s the process I like the most — the one where, when I feel it, it comes out naturally in the moment, without even knowing where the lyrics are coming from," shares the I Like It singer. "But they come.”