Rag'n'Bone Man would love for his three-year-old son Reuben to "go into music".

The Anywhere Away from Here musician shares the tot with his ex Beth Rouy and, after splitting following just six months of marriage, the singer often feels like he's "winging it" as a parent.

"We're all winging it aren't we? All the time. Especially as a father," he tells U.K. chat show host Jonathan Ross.

Speaking about his son Reuben and whether he's shown a flair for music, the hitmaker continues: "Quite recently he's started saying, 'Daddy can we go to studio?' He'll sit around and bash the drums quite hard.

"I picked him up from nursery, one of his teachers said, 'Just so you're aware, Ruben's got a harmonica in his pocket.' He'd nicked it from the studio and taken it to nursery."

He added: "I'd love him to go into music. As long as he's happy... (But) I don't think he really likes my music that much to be honest. He now and again tells the Alexa to play 'daddy's music', which it doesn't understand.

"Now he's just realised he has to say Rag'n'Bone Man and then he says, 'Alexa stop!'"