Coldplay’s Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland joined Greg James on Radio 1 Breakfast to chat about their new music, what it was like working with producer Max Martin, and to take part in a game of Unpopular Opinion, a regular feature in which guests and listeners are encouraged to voice their most controversial opinions.

On how their new single came about:
Chris: “One day, about 18 months ago, I was playing drums on a sink. This is true. And I recorded a bit and I had it on my phone, and then I went to play something else and this whole song just landed, and I was playing on this sink beat.”

Jonny: “You know, we really believe that everything is a drum don’t we?”

On working with Max Martin:
Chris: “I met Max at a Rihanna concert about five years ago and we became friends. It’s been an amazing connection. We can’t speak for him of course but for us it’s been like finding this dream person that we’ve been heading towards for a while.”

On fond memories of the late 90s:
Chris: “I used to work at a supermarket called Quick Save in the late 90s, and I don’t drink or smoke or do the lottery, so they put me on the alcohol and cigarettes counter where they sold scratch cards, and it somewhat put me off. […] My manager Mr White accused me of stealing on my first day. He said my till was £30 down, don’t let it happen again. And I didn’t, gosh darn it. But I didn’t steal it. I’d like to go on record.”

On being dumped by text:
Chris: “We’ve all been dumped of course. I got dumped once, and that’s when my addiction to chocolate began. This was 1994. I was quite religious so I didn’t necessarily know what to do in terms of relationships. A young woman had very kindly agreed to go out with me, but after not such a long time she took me to the café and I’d just got some mini eggs from the supermarket. I love mini eggs. Who doesn’t? But that’s not what this is about. She sat me down and said ‘I don’t think this is working, let’s just be friends.’ And I said, ‘you know what, at least I’ve got chocolate.’”

Jonny: “I supposed I’d be a bit sad if that’s how my marriage ended. I’d definitely rather that was in person.”