Today on Fitzy & Wippa we were joined by Coldplay’s Chris Martin, the band have released their latest track ‘Higher Power’. With the influx of celebrities into Australia, Chris jokes that he and his family tried were denied because they “weren’t famous enough”.

Chris says he would love to come back to Aus, and is still working on his global “Green Tour” - an environmentally friendly, sustainable tour. Chris says his “whole being is built around playing to people” but that with Covid he’s “trying to be accepting of the situation and not rely on that to be happy with each day”.

Highlights include:
Fitzy “In Australia we are so lucky at the moment, we’ve got so many Hollywood stars here. Was there a moment where you thought about bringing the family and just hiding out on the Hawkesbury River or something?”
Chris Martin “We tried but I got told we’re not famous enough”
Wippa “Mate we could’ve snuck you in, we could’ve said it was someone else, maybe Bon Jovi, I don’t know”

Sarah McGilvray “We’ve just heard the new track, lots of fun, what inspired that?”
Chris Martin “I’m listening to so many things all the time, 80s, 90s and 50s. I’m going through a big Sinatra phase but I don’t know if you can hear that in that song (laughs)”
Wippa “you would get a lot of artists approaching you saying hey we think I’ll place the right artist for this, I think Chris Martin is the right artist of this?”
Chris Martin “I don’t know if any of you write songs or paint or anything but sometimes I feel like I’m just following a muse, sometimes the song in a strange way says, I want to be sung by this other person”
Sarah “is it really tough to tell you to someone who you might really respect as an artist to say that you don’t think you would go well together musically?”
Chris Martin “I once had that with a band called the streets, they had a song called dry your eyes and asked me to sing on it and I said no because I thought he sounded amazing, why would you want to push guy to come and sing on this, it needs to be you. I would still do the same thing because I thought it was perfect already. And that song was number one and everything so it all turned out”

Fitzy “Are you still working on a green tour Chris? Is that still in the works?”
Chris Martin “ I said that in an interview about 18 months ago and we thought that seeing that would be kind of a disaster, we thought it was a silly thing to go public about but what actually happened is that so many people and organisations and people have reached out in the interim and have said ‘oh we do this type of staging or this way of’… So it’s been an amazing period of time. I don’t think right now we can get to a perfect green tour but I we can definitely get somewhere and keep improving. It’s a big teamwork!”

Fitzy “With this new single, hopefully that leads to a new album, are you ready to hit the road again Chris? It’s coming five years now. Are you looking forward to it or are you still enjoying being at home?”
Chris Martin “I mean my whole being is built around playing to people but I’m also trying to be accepting of the situation and not rely on that to be happy with each day but as soon as we can, are you kidding!”