Gary Barlow thinks it's a "good sign" Take That have "lasted this long".

The 'Shine' hitmaker - who currently appears in the group alongside Howard Donald and Mark Owen - feels "lucky" to be surrounded by such a "happy group of guys".

He said: "The one thing I've learned after all these years is that most bands are unhappy. If there's one thing I can be thankful for, it's that on the whole, we're such a happy group of guys. I don't know whether we've just got really lucky or we've grown into the shoes we now wear, or we put our efforts somewhere else. But when we're together, we love a lot. It must have been years ago when we had any kind of fallout. Just good guys, nice people to be around. We've lasted this long and it’s a good sign."

And Gary hopes the band - which had also included Robbie Williams and Jason Orange in the past - will "always" be in his life as he thinks it's such a "great place to be" with his bandmates.

Speaking on the Conversations podcast, he added: "It's like, 'If all else fails, go back to the band'. Because it's a happy place, everyone loves it.

"That's my experience of being in the band and why I hope it's always going to be in my life. We love it, we all started together in 1989 and here we are, still doing it. And it's a great place to be."