Singer Jessie James Decker has been laid up with chronic back pain.

The country star shared a photo of herself in bed on Monday night as she struggled to deal with the debilitating health issue, caused by a pinched nerve.

"It feels like my back and bones and muscles are all in a fight," she wrote in the caption. "This time it is so unbearable I had to get a shot in my back from the Dr and was given meds.

"It is shooting pains up and down the left side of my back I cannot turn my head without wanting to cry. It's awful and it happens way too often. I get weekly therapy but I feel like I need to see a specialist (sic)."

The busy mother-of-three, who is married to retired American football star Eric Decker, went on to reveal she has also been battling frequent migraines, which she believes are connected to her back pain and are also hereditary, as her mum suffers from the same condition too.

"I'm hoping it gets better and I can find some sort of solution because when this happens... I'm just out and feel useless and helpless," the 33-year-old added.

Jessie then asked her followers for any advice on possible solutions, insisting she was "open to anything and everything".

"I wonder if there is something inflammatory in your diet that's always been there but you don't know what it is," commented former reality TV star Lo Bosworth.

Jamie Lynn Spears also chimed in with her suggestion, adding, "Yesss- try needling or acupuncture and getting hip adjustment (sic)."