Sheila E. suffered an unfortunate blunder this week as she paid tribute to her late pal Prince.
The singer commemorated the fifth anniversary of the Purple Rain star's death on Wednesday by posting several photos of the pop legend.
Alongside one snap seemingly showing the musician eating, she recalled how he disliked “eating in front of people.”
“But u could throw down when u wanted (to),” she wrote, adding that he used to cook eggs for her, and “I made the pancakes.”
However, fans soon realised the photo wasn’t of Prince, but instead a 2017 picture of singer Mandy Romao in Miami, Florida, who bears a striking resemblance to the late singer, according to Instagram.
Several followers called her out, asking, “How are you not going to know your own friend… that’s not Prince,” and Sheila eventually acknowledged her mistake.
In an updated caption, she penned: “Everyone is trippin. Yes I know about the picture. But my words are true."