AJ Tracey has vowed to retire "gracefully" when people aren't "feeling" him anymore.

The 'West Ten' rapper has admitted he would rather be like 50 Cent and only drop a tune here and there than continue to "force" himself to put out music when he's reached his "shelf life".

SpeakingDotty for 'The Agenda Radio’ on Apple Music 1,  AJ said: "Boy, I'll be honest with you, I'll retire as soon as everyone's not feeling me no more. I'm gracefully bowing out, there's no more forcing it, old man thing. I'll just bow. 100% there's a shelf life. We ain't gotta say no names. You've heard rappers, and you're just like, 'Bro, you're like, however old you are, wearing Nike Tech like the yout dem. And on that little electric scooter, you are trying to force it. And it's not that honestly, bro, it's not that.’ You can hold me to that. I'm never going to be that guy, never. I'm going to do the 50 Cent thing. If I feel like putting out something random, I'll just put something out random, but I'm not going to force the thing at all."

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old star recently released his second studio album, 'Flu Game', and admitted he felt his music was missing "more of a female presence".

AJ subsequently teamed up with Kehlani on the track 'Coupe' on the LP and it turned out to be his favourite song on the record.

He said: "The song that I'm the proudest of on this project has to be ‘Coupe' with Kehlani, because that's not my usual bag and I know there needed to be more of a female presence on my projects, on my LPs. And I heard what everyone was saying and I think it was just my insecurity. I was like, 'Oh, I don't want to get spun’. Because they’re way too good, you get me? But I just opened up and she did spin me, which is cool, hands up. But it's a sick track, that's the one, 'Coupe'."Listen to the full episode via apple.co/_AgendaRadio.