Ray BLK's mother taught her that she can be and do "anything" she wants to.

The 'Lovesick' star's parent told her there is nothing stopping her from achieving her dreams, no matter how big or small they are, and she even said the music star could become the Prime Minister of Britain if she wanted.

Asked what's one lesson her mother has given her which will help inspire young people, Ray said: “So many. Don’t let anyone tell you what you’re capable of doing. That’s something that she’s instilled in me – that I can do absolutely anything. To a point where I actually think it’s laughable, like 'Well, if you want to be Prime Minister, you can be', and I’m like 'Well, I can’t be Prime Minister', but she’s like 'You can if you want to be. Why could you not?'. That’s a message that has really stuck with me and I think it’s one of the main things that’s gotten me here. Because a lot of people thought me wanting to become a singer was impossible or ridiculous or far-fetched, and my mums always been like 'Well, of course, you can'. If you have the talent and the drive, you can make it happen for yourself. So, don’t allow your circumstances to limit you.”

Ray, Young T & Bugsey, Ghetts and IAMDDB have been chosen to play Apprentice Nation's upcoming live-stream, supported by BT, on April 22.

The free virtual concert on YouTube will see the artists share stories from their careers, including the challenges they’ve faced, while inspiring the next generation to believe in themselves and their aspirations.

The career training platform's spring show "uses the power of music to raise the visibility of career pathways and opportunities and will be presented by radio DJ Yinka Bokinni, alongside creative hosts who have each designed a curriculum topic – from wellbeing and mindfulness to personal branding and finding work with a criminal record."

Grime superstar Ghetts said in a statement: “In a time where individuality is underrated, I feel it’s important to encourage young people to be themselves, after all they are next in line to carry the responsibility of changing the world. I can’t wait to perform for apprentice nation on the 22nd of April. I believe in being fearless and seizing every opportunity that’s for you.”

BRIT Award nominees Young T and Bugsey added: “We’ve got to keep learning and also celebrate the wins on the journey. That’s why we’re joining Apprentice Nation; to celebrate the future and the opportunities that lie ahead. It’s been a difficult year for everyone and we’re happy we can show others that we can still have a good time and keep moving forwards.”

For more information on Apprentice Nation’s programme and how you can unlock rewards, visit apprenticenation.co.uk/join.