The Sherlocks are back with their new single 'End Of The Earth'.

The 'Chasing Shadows' rockers - now comprising brothers Kiaran and Brandon Crook and new members Alex Procter and Trent Jackson - have kick-started their new era with the festival-ready groove-laden track, which they've hailed as "The Strokes meets Iggy Pop meets Queen of the Stone Age!".

Speaking of the song, frontman Kiaran said: “It’s good to have a tune that doesn’t belong to a specific album, it belongs to itself - it’s a rebel.

"We approached it like a B-side in the way that you don’t overthink anything; you just go

with it.

"It sounds like The Strokes meets Iggy Pop meets Queens of the Stone Age!

"It’s dark and unpolished which it should be, the end of the earth is never gonna be to a script.”

New guitarist Alex added: “'End Of The Earth' is straight to the point.

“It really has its own groove and energy, one that reflects our chaotic time in the studio."

The song is the first since their 2019 LP 'Under Your Sky'.

As part of their comeback, The Sherlocks are set to perform a special livestream show via Sessions tonight (09.04.21).

Meanwhile, Kiaran previously shared how The Coral's James Skelly taught him how to spot the catchiest part of a song, and many more techniques, which inspired him to change his songwriting.

Asked what the 'In The Morning' hitmaker brought to the table when he produced their second album, he explained: 'Making the songs more concise and picking the best ones.

"That's probably his best quality.

"He's good at hearing a song how it is.

"Whatever the catchiest bit is and building stuff around that.

"That's probably what we needed to be fair, with a lot of the songs.

"That is something we've learnt as a band.

"Going into the third album I will change how I write the songs."

'End Of The Earth' is out now.