Rebecca Ferguson has demanded the British parliament take action against the "bullying" she claims is rife in the music industry.

The X Factor star, who has spoken previously about her own experiences at the hands of bullies, will meet with Oliver Dowden, Britain's Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, at the beginning of May to talk about the treatment and welfare of musicians.

She's demanding the appointment of a music industry ombudsman, with her explaining on Twitter: "At one point in my career I collapsed 3 times in a day I was unconscious! My head hit the floor! No ambulance was called! This is one of many stories.This is the reality of artist mistreatment this is why I fight! #musicindustryombudsman."

Rebecca then added she wanted to amend her request, so that the ombudsman would cover all creative industries, as she tweeted: "I have had some 'Fashion Models' approach me and 'Photographers' they have also been mistreated I'm shocked at the stories! The Ombudsman should cover all Creative industries! 'All' Artists and creatives should be protected."

When one person replied that the "casting couch" exists because the whole industry is corrupt, Rebecca answered: "It exists because it is tolerated! It exists because nobody is currently above them to hold them to account. When they have an Ombudsman more powerful than them it will not exist! Artists/ Creatives are not there to be abused that should never be the price one pays for success."

Rebecca's tweets come after fellow X Factor contestants Jedward, aka John and Edward Grimes, took aim at the industry for the way artists are treated, with them writing on Twitter: "Artists are on the brink of collapse at the end of touring and having to act like everything is ok! Humans can’t be owned Artists shouldn’t be owned!"