Demi Lovato sobbed so hard during a tough scene in her music video Dancing With the Devil, she gave herself a migraine.

The video, which recalls the night Demi suffered a heroin overdose in July 2018, recreates the traumatic scene down to every last detail, including the green jacket she was wearing that day.

The singer instructed director Michael D. Ratner to keep cameras rolling as emotions got the better of her while she was re-enacting the health emergency, and admitted the decision helped her find closure on the worst day of her life.

In a new interview with Mix 104.1 Boston, Demi shared the filming process was "healing" and helped her process the shame she didn't know she was still carrying with her.

"I wanted to give it just a slight artistic approach to telling this story, as opposed to the documentary, which was very, very literal and fact based," she explained.

"After I finished that take, I started to get a bit of a migraine because I cried so hard. But it was so therapeutic," she went on, adding: "I literally felt like I lost 100 pounds of shame that I didn't know had stuck with me in that incident... It was healing for me to walk through it."