Glasvegas singer James Allan thinks people had "given up hope" for their new album ever seeing the light of day.

The rockers released their fourth album 'Godspeed' the follow-up to 2013's 'Later... When the TV Turns to Static' - on Friday (02.04.21) after an eight year wait, and the frontman has opened up on the process behind the scenes.

After writing the songs in just a few months before spending a long time learning how to produce, James told the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column: "For the first 18 months, it'd stress me out when management and friends hassled me asking when the album would be finished.

"After three years, it seemed nice that I wasn't getting that pressure any more.

"But I soon realised that was worse - people had only stopped asking me because they'd given up hope the album would ever get finished!"

James worked on a lot of the album at his home in Glasgow, and he admitted his neighbour didn't always appreciate hearing previews through the walls.

He added: "My neighbour would tell me, 'I don't mind when it's a full song I can listen to, but I don't like it if you're just repeating a guitar part again and again'.

"He was really patient, considering, but it felt like he was giving me a review all the time!"

Meanwhile, James is excited to get back on the road with bandmates Rab Allan and Paul Donoghue in 2022, even if he's just as excited to enjoy gigs as a punter.

He added: "I'm looking forward to seeing gigs as a fan as much as being back on stage.

"Before lockdown, I was never known for being social and I'd be too wrapped up in my band's world to enjoy other concerts as much as I could have."