Gary Numan has released his new single, ‘Saints And Liars’.

The 'Cars' hitmaker has shared the latest track from his upcoming LP 'Intruder',  a collection about the potential of an apocalypse and humans invading Earth.

Speaking of the track, Numan said: “'Saints And Liars' is the earth drawing attention to our blind faith in religion, in a fictitious God, who in reality does nothing for us, while at the same time abusing and destroying the planet, which does everything for us."

The electronic music pioneer previously released the album's title track and the single 'I Am Screaming’.

On the theme of the record, he said: “‘Intruder’ looks at climate change from the planet’s point of view. If Earth could speak, and feel things the way we do, what would it say? How would it feel? The songs, for the most part, attempt to be that voice, or at least try to express what I believe the earth must feel at the moment.

"The planet sees us as its children now grown into callous selfishness, with a total disregard for it’s well being. It feels betrayed, hurt and ravaged. Disillusioned and heartbroken it is now fighting back.

"Essentially, it considers human kind to be a virus attacking the planet. Climate change is the undeniable sign of the Earth saying enough is enough, and finally doing what it needs to do to get rid of us, and explaining why it feels it has to do it.”

The 63-year-old star wrote the majority of his songs in lockdown, which has given him plenty of inspiration, including the new track 'The Gift' which he interprets as the planet's way of eradicating mankind.

Other tunes - including 'Is This World Not Enough’ and ‘A Black Sun’ - explore the ways the pandemic could have been avoided, and 'Now and Forever' offers his fans hope.

'Intruder' - the follow-up to 2017’s ‘Savage: Songs From A Broken World’ - is released on May 21.