Jessica Simpson has never been tempted by booze since she got sober three years ago.

The singer and actress, who opened up about her past alcohol abuse in her 2020 memoir Open Book, decided to get sober in November 2017 and has never had a drink since, and she has admitted abstaining from booze hasn't been difficult for her, even during the stressful Covid-19 pandemic.

"Once I said I was done drinking, I've not even wanted it at all. Everybody through quarantine was like, 'How are you not drinking?'" the mum-of-three said during an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan. "I'm like, 'I can't even imagine drinking right now, (with) all the questions my kids are asking me'.

"I want to able to be vulnerable and honest and transparent. My daughter is eight going on nine and my son is seven going on eight, and they are very aware of everything.

"So for me to be present, I have to be present for myself and not, like, be dark in places."

Elsewhere during the interview, Jessica explained that she reached out for help when she started needing alcohol in the morning.