Fans were mesmerised when chart topping megastar Rita Ora graced the Nova’s Red Room stage last night. To celebrate the release of new single ‘Bang Bang’ the electric performance was enjoyed by an intimate crowd at Warner Music in Sydney.

Rita Ora Red Room quotes:

Rita Ora “never wants to leave” Australia
Host Tim Blackwell “you’ve been to Australia a few times and now you’ve been here for so long, which suburbs in Sydney are you thinking of moving to?”
Rita Ora “I just don’t want to leave, I never want to leave. It’s so beautiful here for so many reasons, every time I come here it’s been so quick so it’s nice to actually be able to sit here and enjoy the culture and the people and everyone is so nice and friendly”

On The Voice
Tim Blackwell “Can I ask you how The Voice is going?”
Rita Ora “It’s fun, it’s got so much amazingness and crazy surprises and the other coaches are great but I feel like I’m the best coach… but they’re all going to say that about themselves! The voice is the best show talent. Fingers crossed team Rita wins!”

On the sisterhood between her and Jess Mauboy
Rita Ora “She’s like my sister, she’s the best! She’s so nice and you know I was a little nervous when I started the new gig and you walk in and you’re like “oooh, what’s it going to be like?” . Jess just welcomed me with open arms and there’s nothing better than good sister bonding on shows like that so make some noise for Jess Mauboy!”

Rita Ora on hosting Mardi Gras and how much it means to her
Tim Blackwell “the last time I saw you was at the Mardi Gras which at the time was the biggest gig in the world”
Rita Ora “It was crazy, it was so many people, I was like ‘Woah just throw me in the deep end’! All of my friends just called it the LGBTQIA+…. and I have studied that phrase, because that community has been my not only my survivors, they’ve been my soldiers. So doing a show like that for that crowd and that community, there’s nothing better.”

“Music saved my life” - Rita Ora says writing her 2018 hit ‘Let You Love Me’ was one of the “ultimate moments of my life”
Rita Ora “It was a time where, it was a time where people were okay with understanding ‘okay so if I can’t love myself, how am I going to let anyone else love me?’. It takes time for people to get to that place in life, some people get it earlier than others, some people get it later. Mine was a little late, better late than never! It was good for me, and that’s why music saved my life in a lot of ways, in so many different ways.. That’s why this song is one of my ultimate moments in life that helped me through it all”

Rita Ora “Thank you Nova for always being team Rita and always supporting new music and thank you to Warner – the best label in the world”

Rita Ora is a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, with four #1 UK singles and holds the record for the most Top 10 singles for a British female artist in the UK (13). Rita headlined this year’s Mardi Gras on 7 March and is a coach on the upcoming series of The Voice Australia.