The 'cotton candy' hitmaker has one aim in his career to make sure all of his fans have "a voice", and if that means having "five breakdowns a day" over it, he doesn't care as long as he can serve his community.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper's Wired column, Yungblud - whose real name is Dom Harrison - said: "I just want to tell the truth and help people figure out their identity, gender, and figure out drugs, love, heartbreak, depression, loss, f****** everything.

"There is always pressure, I mean f*** me I have five breakdowns a day but it is always worth it I just need to tell the f****** truth.

"I literally belong to a community, I've met every kid from every continent, every shape, every colour, every size, every identity, every way of life, and I want them to all know they have a f****** voice."

He continued: "The biggest kick I get is watching people run into a venue and be like, 'I have a f****** voice, I have a voice' and I'm like, 'Yeah you f****** do, you do, scream!'"

The 23-year-old rocker might be vying for number one with KSI and Polo G this week with their collaboration, 'Patience', but topping the charts is not why Yungblud got into music.

He added: "Having hits and that is cool but it's second, I want to bring people together and I want to be playing in stadiums."