Surveillance footage of the moment Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot was shown on America's Most Wanted on Monday night, as police continue their hunt for the shooter.

Ryan Fischer was shot in the chest while out walking Gaga's three dogs in February, with the suspects making off with the singer's pets Koji and Gustav. They were returned to the Poker Face singer two nights later when an unidentified woman, who had no links to the dog thieves, found them tied to a pole.

Despite the safe return of the dogs, police have so far been unable to track down the shooter or the people involved in the dognapping.

So as the new series of America's Most Wanted premiered on Monday, viewers were shown footage of the crime in progress, and given tips on what to look out for when looking for the criminals, in a new bid to find the suspects involved.

The show also included an investigation into the recent spree of violent dognappings across the U.S., and looked into whether or not Gaga's one could have been the work of a gang.

Fischer was looking after the dogs while Gaga was filming the movie, House of Gucci, on location in Italy.

He is currently recovering from his injuries after the shooting.