Cardi B has slammed trolls for "bullying" the late Mac Miller "for months" on social media before his death.

The Bodak Yellow star took to Twitter to respond to one user, who shared an article about Miller's family "rooting for Cardi B" ahead of the 2019 Grammys, as they were invited to the bash by officials despite the Best Rap Album prize going to Cardi's Invasion of Privacy instead of Miller's Swimming.

Reflecting on how Miller was mocked after his car crash in May 2018, which saw him served with a DUI, Cardi tweeted: "His family didn't have no mean energy so why you? I hate when ya make hate tweets like this go viral but where was the love when ya bullied him for months on this app & he was crying out for help? Making fun of him when he crash his car? Ya don't care till somebody is gone."

Cardi continued to tell her followers that she's determined to keep expressing herself fully on social media because of what happened to Miller, who died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 26 in September 2018.

"This is why I express myself whether is on live, twitter or curse people out cause some artist got soo much hurt inside from bullyin on these apps & they afraid to speak & turn to other thing to numb the pain," she continued. "Ya forgot real quick how when he drop the album ya was like 'flop' NBC."