Gary Barlow would tell his younger self not to take life "too seriously".

The Take That frontman has penned a letter to himself as a young man for Why Now's Dear Young Me series, and used the note to document some of the issues he struggled with as he grew up.

"My only advice I’d love you to heed is don’t take everything too seriously," he wrote. "Take a night off now and then. Go to the pub. Have a Sunday at the seaside.

"Life isn’t all about work. Don’t feel guilty enjoying the fruits of what you’ve worked so hard for. I know you don’t do it for the material rewards but there’s nothing wrong in buying a new car if you’re worked hard for it. If you really do well at this you’re going to need the thickest skin. Many people don’t like seeing success. It reminds them of all they haven’t achieved. When you come face to face with this retreat to your studio. The answer to most of your problems will be found there."

Gary continued his letter to urge his younger self to "find someone to Love who will Love you in return", adding: "Fun, success, achievement is nothing if you cant share it (sic)."

The father-of-three has been married to wife Dawn since 2000.

Concluding his letter, Gary wrote: "You have some fabulous years ahead. I wish I could be with you and see it all again. Even the bad bits."