Kelly Rowland doesn't want to watch the recent Britney Spears documentary because the singer didn't endorse the project.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live and the programme's After Show on Thursday, Kelly explained that she has some reservations about watching Framing Britney Spears because Britney wasn't involved in it herself.

"I haven't seen the Britney doc. I'm having a hard time wanting to watch it," she sighed. "I really respect when artists say, 'This is a documentary, it's OK to watch this.' I respect their space and their privacy and their point of view. And their story, what they feel their story is, from their brains, their hearts their mouths. So, I try and respect that."
However, Kelly concluded: "But everybody says they really enjoy it, so that's great."

The Destiny's Child singer also weighed in on the changing media landscape since Britney's much-publicised breakdown in 2008, and insisted that social media has a lot more power these days than it ever did back then.

"Now it's social media, and social media is people. From her perspective, (the negativity came from) journalists and all these people in the media. But now social media is people. So people need to just be kind. Period," she said.