The 39-year-old singer, who has previously supported Oasis and Travis, has shared a new track called 'Oval' and is set to release a new album in the summer.

Stephen revealed that his new song is inspired by personal experience and the "actuality" of marriage.

He said of the track: "I think it is a song about marriage, the actuality of it, the responsibility of it, and the gamble. When my girlfriend was pregnant with our first son, we moved to a flat near the Oval in London.

"As our marriage fell apart a few years ago, it was this simple song that was the only thing I had to stick in the ground and push on with making some new music."

Stephen continued: "I wrote the song about watching my wife look out of the window in that flat in Oval, looking at her new life as a mother, our new life as parents, and I was trying to show that in some way the beauty that we are gifted by becoming parents is often haunted by the loss of something, too."

The 'Run' singer's most recent work was the acclaimed 2007 album 'Man on the Roof' and he says he was uneasy about returning.

He said: "For 13 years I hadn't walked into a professional recording studio to stand still and make a record from start to finish in one delivery – one go. Just the terror of the tape spools beginning to turn and the red light coming on."