The 29-year-old singer was ready to go on a date with a boy when he cut off all communication with her without any warning, leaving her to wonder what had happened.

Speaking on 'Smallzy's Celebrity Small Talk' podcast, she recalled: "When I was younger, I did get ghosted by this particular boy that was just the worse. He'd be like, 'Alright, I'll come pick you up' and I'd be ready, all dressed up, ready to go out. He just wouldn't show up and wouldn't answer his phone, and that is the worse because, at that point, I've told everyone.

"I hated it because you end up telling everyone in your house or your mum and dad like, 'Oh, I'm going out. He's picking me up.' So everyone knows and then you're supposed to make up an excuse because you don't want them to hate him. It's all horrible."

The pop star recently released the single 'Don't Play' with KSI, which was inspired by the 27-year-old rapper's own experience of being ghosted by a girl.

Annie-Marie explained: "This is about KSI's situation because he was with a girl quite a while ago and he was totally in love with her, and then she just ghosted."

However, the '2002' songstress hopes the track will have people up and dancing.

She added: "I just love this song. I heard it and it made me feel like I wanted to dance and, at the moment, I feel like that's what people have needed."

Anne-Marie also loved the experience of working with the rapper.

She said: "I am very open and honest and I try to be as down to earth as I can be all the time but meeting JJ opened my eyes even more. "