Brazilian superstar Anitta has been unveiled as Rollacoaster Magazine’s Spring/Summer 2021 cover star.

Earning a place on TIME Magazine’s hugely well-regarded TIME100 Next 2021 List and with a highly-anticipated bilingual album on the way later this year, Brazil’s biggest popstar discusses the sociology of Funk, the strength of the Latin American and going ‘Loco’!

On Funk’s reflection of Brazil:
“[Funk carioca] It is the sauce that I drink daily. I love seeing and listening to a new artist of the genre, getting involved with new beats and lyrics. Funk says a lot about the periphery and favelas [slums]. The Brazilian way of seeing things and our sensuality. There is no way to stand still listening to the funk beat.”

On *that* music video:
“I was on vacation in Aspen and, one day, going down a mountain listening to the music [latest single ‘Loco’] alone, I thought ‘it would be incredible to bring something crazy to this scenario!’. I thought of girls in bikinis going down the mountain, enjoying parties on the edge of the track. Within two days after I got the idea, we were recording in Aspen. I made my team crazy.”

On the power of Latina America:
“The strength of Latinos, worldwide speaking, grows as the world realizes the richness of culture and the importance of the Latin people inserted, often in subjugated situations. A new generation of artists and of the Latin people themselves grows and emerges in a situation of power and brings with them places of prominence, of inspiration, obtains spaces and strengthens the appearance of artistic works in the mainstream circuit.”