The 26-year-old rapper became known for slobbering saliva over gig-goers after one fan at his concert in Milwaukee, Wisconsin asked him to do so by holding a sign which read: “slowthai I need you to spit in my mouth.”

The 'My High' star - whose real name is Tyron Frampton - satisfied the vulgar request by leaning over and spitting into her mouth, but he has insisted he won't be taking anymore spitting requests due to COVID-19.

Taking part in YouTube series 'Chicken Shop Date', slowthai spilled: "They say I started it but I ain't spitting in no more mouthes now."

Elsewhere, the music star revealed he went on a romantic hot-air balloon ride and received a Mile High Club badge afterwards.

He said: "I went on a hot-air balloon in LA above the vineyards and then we got a badge that said Mile High Club."

Meanwhile, slowthai recently revealed he's hoping to start a family after getting engaged to Russian model Katerina.
The 'Gorgeous' star popped the question to his fiancee last year, and admitted it's always been his dream to have a child one day.

He said: “It’s something that I’ve always wanted. I want my kid to have a similar childhood to the one I had, because I didn’t see it as a bad thing.”

The 'Ladies' rapper also shared details of his impromptu proposal and how he and his wife-to-be met on the internet.

Slowthai got down on one knee during their romantic getaway to Thailand, and didn't even have a ring, as he insisted "we both have everything, I don’t think it’s that important."

The Northampton-born rapper's relationship was strengthened by the COVID-19 lockdown and the pair bonded over being musicians.

He said: “I proposed at the beginning of last year. Ah man, I’m going to get it in the neck now.

“We clicked. It wasn’t like a thing of like, when you have a connection with someone and you just make each other laugh, especially in this time. This is the real test. When you’re like on lockdown with someone and it’s like you either want to kill each other or you’re just having a good time and we’ve had a laugh and I think we’re quite respectful of each other’s space like it’s tight, you’re doing your own thing, I’m doing mine. But she makes music. She was in a band in Russia and they were quite big. The way I proposed was in Thailand. We went [to] Thailand and it was like one of them things, we’re lying on a bed and the stars are shining, it was kind of impulsive more than planned out ... I didn’t have a ring but I think when it’s like we both have everything, I don’t think it’s that important.”