The opening line of Shakespeare’s comedy Twelfth Night is one of his most widely quoted observations: “If music be the food of love, play on.” Since he penned those immortal words all those centuries ago, music and romance have been intertwined. If you are looking for ways to enhance any date, certainly consider aspects of creating the right atmosphere through candlelight or the aroma of sumptuous food cooking. But the one factor guaranteed to provoke strong feelings is incorporating an appropriate musical backdrop. The only question requiring further consideration is which songs to select from the thousands of possibilities?

Listen to the music with someone special for you

Part of the process of developing a rapport with someone is finding out all about their background and personality through intimate conversation. But an even better way to forge a connection is to do so against a suitable musical accompaniment. The key to successful dating is discovering things you have in common and sharing in these passions. If you have similar music tastes, then you are three-quarters of the way towards kindling real sparks of chemistry. The songs you adore listening to together can be tapped into at any time, reminding you of the love you hold for someone, even when you’re apart. This is why building and then sharing a playlist will bring you so much closer together.

Music connects people online

The best way to search for someone with compatible musical tastes is to refer to a dating outlet. These online resources make it very easy to reach out to kindred spirits, presenting a series of personal profiles for other site users to browse through, seeking singles who would most appreciate the songs on their preferred playlist. The online environment is perfect for this activity, as you can collaborate in creating playlists from streaming sites remotely.

Top-5 songs to end your date night with style

‘P.S. I Love You,’ by Billie Holiday

Winner of 4 Grammy Awards, Holliday’s voice was truly distinctive, and she was highly influential on jazz and blues, despite a career cut short when she passed away aged 44. Known for pioneering how a ballad could become more profound by shifting tempo and phrasing, this exquisite song is perfect for the moment you dim the lights.

‘Lover, You Should’ve Come Over,’ by Jeff Buckley

Music was in this supremely talented singer/songwriter’s blood – his father was the jazz, funk, and psychedelic singer Tim Buckley. Both were to pass away far too young – Tim to an overdose aged 28, his son during an ill-advised evening swim in the Mississippi River, aged 30. This delicate song portrays a phenomenal voice so cruelly snuffed out, while the song conjures powerful lyrics about someone admitting their flaws: “Sometimes a man gets carried away/When he feels like he should be having his fun/Much too blind to see the damage he’s done.” If you’re looking for sheer emotion for your playlist, this song will bring tears.

‘Where Did Our Love Go?’ By The Supremes

Released on the world-famous Motown label in 1964, this was The Supremes’ first number-one single, and what a superb example of heartfelt pop/soul it is. In classic Motown style, the melody is fairly simplistic, its effervescent spirit at odds with lyrics alluding to an affair that is over. But the sentiments far outweigh the story being told - this love song may be over 50 years old, but it has been connecting lovers for decades. “You came into my heart so tenderly/With a burning love/That stings like a bee.”

Nothing Compares 2 U by Sinead O’ Connor

Originally written by Prince, this single became a worldwide hit for the talented Irish singer in 1990. Although the lyrics' sentiments are more fixated on lost love, personified by the close-up of O’Connor’s beautiful features in the video, and the tearful emotion of her delivery, this is an uplifting song for your playlist. If love can be so poignant when it has gone, imagine how strong it can be when it is burning brightly?

Love by John Lennon

From its delicate piano intro leading to the moment the ex-Beatle’s voice comes in, almost hesitantly, through to its climax, this is a beautiful song for lovers. In just three minutes and 20 seconds, Lennon conveys the fragile side of love and its enduring spirit. What makes hearing his voice even more heart-breaking is the thought of what happened to him in real life, when he was gunned down by a deranged ‘fan’ in 1980. But his effortless voice and the simple melody of this wonderful piece are a testament to how powerful and emotional love can be.