The 26-year-old star is determined to make a long-term impression on the genre, saying she wants to be remembered as one of the best and most influential rappers of all time.

She shared: "I feel like when it’s all said and done, when people want to talk about female rap … they are definitely going to have to put my name up there with the OGs."

Megan has topped charts around the world with hits such as 'Hot Girl Summer' and 'WAP', but she still considers herself to be a rapper rather than a pop star.

She explained: "I’m a rapper. Rap will always be my heart. That’s really what I love to do."

Megan treats her rap career like a traditional job and she refuses to get caught up in the drama that surrounds her life.

She told Harper's Bazaar magazine: "Even though I’m not working a traditional job, I still treat it like: ‘This is work. I need to work hard for this. I want to be here. I want to do this. I want to be Megan Thee Stallion.'

"I feel like I know what comes with my job. If I took everything personal, then I would probably be somewhere curled up in the corner."

Earlier this month, Megan insisted she remains on track to get her university degree later this year.

The rapper reassured her social media followers that she's committed to her studies despite her chart success, after one Twitter user cast doubt on her ambition.

Megan - who studies health administration at Texas Southern University and eventually hopes to open an assisted living facility in Houston - wrote: "Mam Im abt to Graduate in the fall and still gone open my facility.. hope you get them retweets doe (sic)"