is proud to host the exclusive world premiere of ‘Time Is Up’ by President Street.

Summing up the last twelve months was never going to be an easy task for those artists who take it upon themselves to put the human experience into tangible lyrics and melodies. President Street are more than up to the task, however, with their latest single, the protest song ‘Time Is Up’.

Inspired by the multitude of protests and upheavals which 2020 brought with it, ‘Time Is Up’ is a song which celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and its refusal to stand down in the face of adversity. “Celebrates” is the key word here; this song refuses to despair, no matter how bad things get. It takes on a kind of carnival spirit, one of jubilation, as Ruby’s vocals sit airy and pitch-perfect above the rest of the tune.

And now, with the release of ‘Time’s Up: The Remixes’, President Street have once again updated their sound to include those beats which are designed to get us up off our seats and out on the streets in the name of justice. The Redondo Remix in particular displays the kind of energy which we need during these times, the exhausting nature of a year-long quarantine. This remix is an injection of spirit and enthusiasm, a reminder that we should never stop fighting and a call to celebrate all that we have achieved so far.

The Redondo Remix is released on the 19th February with the rest of the package to follow soon after.

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