Finneas performed his tribute to Nick Cordero on his widow Amanda Kloots' show The Talk on Tuesday.

Billie Eilish's brother released What They'll Say About Us in September and explained the track was partly inspired by Kloots' social media updates about her actor husband's Covid-19 battle, before he died in July.

And on Tuesday, he performed the track on Kloots' daytime show, explaining he wrote the tune last summer after spending the day attending a Black Lives Matter protest in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Claudia and sister Billie.

"I'd come home from these protests every day and immediately check my phone to look at Amanda's Instagram to see how her husband, Nick, was doing," Finneas said. "Pretty much anything I feel overwhelmed by, I end up writing about... to document how I'm feeling."

"When you listen to this song as much as I have, you hear this incredible heartbeat kick in in the song and then there's this part where it really kinda feels you are mimicking the sirens of the protests that you were at and it literally takes me back to that moment of being in the hospital and holding Nick's hand and looking out the window and seeing army tanks drive by," Kloots shared. "What's crazy to me is you were somehow able to capture that journey that I went on without ever meeting me."

Finneas went on to call Kloots "brave", admitting her openness made him feel like he knew her and Cordero.

"I can't thank you enough for allowing me and people like me to get to know you and your family through all of this," he shared.

The pair finally met at a celebration of Cordero's birthday last year.