Joss Stone doesn't "feel too bothered" about her career now she's a new mum.

In a new interview with ITV News, the Super Duper Love star explained that since becoming a parent to daughter Violet in January, her priorities in life have changed. However, she doesn't envisage herself giving up music anytime soon, because she enjoys it too much.

"I don't really feel too bothered about it (my career)," she said. "But I never want to stop singing because I find it fun. I miss my band, miss music, I miss seeing people smile and having that connection but I don't know whether I need to be nurturing and massaging my career in the way that I did at 17."

And while Joss used to consider her music to be the most important thing in the world, she now chooses her projects based on a "happiness scale".

"If it's over five I'll do it and if it ain't I'm not going to do it," the 33-year-old grinned, noting that's why she decided to sign up for the U.K.'s The Masked Singer - which she won as The Sausage.

As for the popularity of the show, which sees celebrities perform beneath elaborate costumes as a panel of judges try to guess their identity, Joss mused: "I think we have had enough of all this tiresome seriousness, it is making people exhausted. I think every person on this planet needs to rest from all that drama.

"And I think maybe the Masked Singer gives that. It's bright, it's colourful, it's fun, it's not competitive, each person that takes off their mask, they're happy to be there. It's all positive, there's nothing negative about it.

"Whereas you've got other singing shows where you see people burst into tears, it breaks their whole heart when they get voted off... it's a different kind of show. But this is all good, it's all love, so that must be why."