The 70-year-old star has described his newest record, 'Under a Mediterranean Sky', as a "travelogue", and has revealed the inspirations behind his music.

Discussing the album, Steve shared: "I just love the idea of an imaginary journey that recalls all the other actual journeys that I had made.

"It's a travelogue, a musical diary perhaps, but it's also a dream til we're able to fully engage with the world again."

Asked about his favourite place to visit in the Mediterranean, Steve told Prog magazine: "Italy is a big favourite. I've toured there more probably than any other region in the Mediterranean, but then I did masses of gigs in France, Spain, of course, I love it for its music and architecture and all the rest.

"Greece, I've travelled to more in recent years. I haven't played there, but I've shot a video or two there. It's a hugely mystical place.

"Pompeii, which I've visited many times, was the inspiration for the track 'Casa Del Fauno."

Steve was keen to do something a bit different with his new album.

And the veteran musician feels that if he loses the appetite to try something new, he "might as well throw in the towel".

Reflecting on his approach to the record, Steve - who first rose to prominence as part of Genesis in the 1970s - said: "Rules are meant to be broken.

"If you don't break the rules in music, you might as well throw in the towel."