slowthai joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss his new song with Skepta “CANCELLED”. He tells Zane about making the song while on mushrooms in the studio, Skepta’s influence on him, and more.

slowthai Tells Apple Music About Creating “CANCELLED” feat. Skepta While on Mushrooms…

I was on shrooms, right? …But I was at a studio playing tunes, I linked a couple of my boys… Yeah, we were on shrooms. It's like, you've got to refresh the mind sometimes. It gives you an insight into yourself. So we're there, I'm with a couple boys, my engineer and Kwes, Kwes who produced "CANCELLED.”

slowthai Tells Apple Music How Skepta Helped Him Overcome Negativity...

Rocky was in London, one link Timz, my boy Bloody, Skep was there, and we were all chilling, having a laugh, but we were in a residential building so we can't bang the music. So we're setting up all the speakers and stuff just to have a little session. So I'm sitting down and I'm just in a negative place, I was being negative. You know when you're just that one bad apple in the room? Yeah, the energy is off, I'm just like, "F-k everybody, like, f-k everyone.” Yeah, it's in my head. It's just in the back of my mind. And I'm one of them people that can push stuff to the side, but it was just weighing on me. And then Skep, he could see that I was going through it. He's got a song called "Going through it" that helped me. But he's like, "Yo man, this is your defining moment." Because he is a larger than life character, Skep. He's the best.

He's my big bro. And he's like, "This in your defining moment." It's like, "No. No, this isn't happening. Come on." And it's like, he basically grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and lifted me out of that place. And then we're there, Crush, SAMO, and Kwes just start just making this beat. And I remembered there's like three sections on the beat… It's such a vibe. I'm with my boys, were having a good time with it. Rocky fell asleep and then we're like, "There." And then it as I got to that 6:00 AM and the shrooms are starting to wear off. We were all tired. Skep must've dropped seat. Rocky woke up and he actually laid the verse on this. But I just wanted this to be the part two of me and Skep.

slowthai Tells Apple Music That Skepta Is Like A ‘Shaman’ To Him Musically…

He said those words and it's like, that rings true in my head today. Every time I have a moment I think back to something, "This is your defining moment." He's like a shaman and he's guiding me through this spirit road, but I'm like the energies were just there. Everything aligned even though we had to play them mad low. And I remember being like "Yo, this tune is hard."